How important is your data? Could your business survive if it was lost forever? Fortunately for you, ReGen’s experienced staff can provide a solution.

Application Development

Development of a software solution can encompass a wide variety of options. These range anywhere from implementing an existing sw.


Looking for a communications solution for your business? ReGen offers a variety of hardware and software options to provide you with a fast, efficient and

Remote Help Desk

ReGen Remote Help Desk what you do when your computer stops working, call you help desk? Now you can have a help desk. That's right!

Some of our more popular solutions include:
  • Software and Hardware Solutions
  • Phone System
  • Support Help Desk
  • PC/ Server Sales
GE Plastics

Database Applications
"We hired ReGenerating Solutions to upgrade an outdated software we used. This was a real time application and ReGenerating Solutions' response time was outstanding. The turn around was about a week, an...

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