Testimonial Submission

GE Plastics

Database Applications
"We hired ReGenerating Solutions to upgrade an outdated software we used. This was a real time application and ReGenerating Solutions' response time was outstanding. The turn around was about a week, and the quality of work was first rate. The programmer who did the work was experienced and easy to work with. He made himself available to me until everything was completed to my satisfaction. I highly recommend ReGenerating Solutions to another company."

Connecticut Vascular & Thoracic Surgical Associates

Allworx - Phone Systems

"Doctors spend a great deal of money on call services, and we were no exception. Our Allworx VoIP phone system is saving us money by eliminating the need for that service."

Konica Minolta Medical Imaging, USA

Database Applications
"When the Regen team came on board there was an immediate feeling of support. They are extremely knowledgeable and respond quickly to our needs and concerns. The team is easy to work with and very accommodating. I am glad that we have forged this business relationship and I would highly recommend them to other businesses. It has been a pleasure to work with them."

The Gutter Guys

Database Applications
"You guys did a great job and you can have anyone contact me."


Database Applications
"My experience with Regenerating Solutions has been top-notch from the word go. They were very responsive to my needs during the discovery, were very thorough in their response to the RFP and competitively priced. They finished the product within the allowed budget and have provided support on a timely basis per the stipulations in the RFP. I would gladly recommend Regen for any custom MS-Access development project and will use them for any additional work on the original project"


H, S, & T Group

PHP Applications

"ReGen did a wonderful job. Everything was done very quickly and correctly." "We appreciate ReGen's professionalism."

Signal Administration

Database Applications

"I'm really delighted with this successful effort. A problem we have been talking about for a decade is behind us."